android The world is going mobile! Expand your reach by building an Android client for your site! Or build the next ground breaking original apps! Check this sections for some tips and tricks that will sure help you in developing an app for Android.


Using Android Support Library

Supporting older version of Android is relatively easy, since Google gave us the support library. But, unfortunately, installing it properly is a bit problematic. Check here for the proper installation way.


Change Log : Learning Japanese

Full Change Log for the "Learning Japanese With Tae Kim" Android App.


the quirks of webview in android

Webview is a great way to display web content inside an Android app. Unfortunately, it has some unexpected quirks that can waste you some precious development time. Check here for some of the quirks that I have encountered


Learning Japanese with Tae Kim

Learning Japanese Language? Check here for info on how I learnt the language, and don't forget to download the Android app!


preloading sqlite on android

In developing an Android app, you have the ability to store data in the form of sqlite. However, it came short when you want to preload it with existing datas. How can you solve this?

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