Change Log : Learning Japanese

Here, I will record the full change log for the "Learning Japanese with Tae Kim" Android App, since Play Store only list the latest change log under What's New.

0.3.1 Update based on popular request

  • the app will remember opened page history, pressing back will navigate this history in reverse chronological order, pressing back when the history is empty will still close the app.
  • in tablet : the width of the navigation is resizeable by dragging the dividing line between navigation & content, tapping on it will toggle between fully hiding it & resetting it to the recommended width (note : phone will still use the navigation drawer)
  • don't show the +- zoom button

0.3.0 Bring in the exercise

  • some topics now also include exercise page! Tap on the exercise icon and put your skill to test.
  • minor ui bug fixing.

0.2.2 kanji helper and update THEME

  • dark theme now works all over, no more jarring white bar on the side
  • most kanji now respond to touch, and it will show the dictionary form kana + meaning

0.2.1 Bug Fixing and New Theme

  • fixed device crashing when all bookmark is removed
  • fixed chapter list not updating when chapter is (un)bookmarked
  • better prev, next chapter navigation
  • add dark theme, easier on the eye for long time reading

0.2 Increase number of supported device

  • decrease the required API level to 9, adding support for Gingerbread and Honeycomb devices.
  • add zooming on guide
  • minor UI cleanup

0.1 Launch!

  • Grammar Guide for Learning Japanese is Launched!

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